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Adcademy was founded by Leah Mazur in 2020 with the goal of enabling more marketers to master the skill of Facebook Advertising and build their career around it.
  • CNBC

    "The future of work won't be about degrees. More and more, it'll be about skills."

  • Tech Crunch

    "After college, students come away with a perception they have the right skills, but employers don’t agree."

  • Harvard Business Review

    "New technologies frequently require specific new skills that schools don’t teach and that labor markets don’t supply."

About the Founder

Leah Mazur

Leah has worked in digital marketing for 9 years, including being a data analyst for Canada's largest Facebook advertising company, analyzing millions of dollars of ad spend. In 2017, she launched Loop Digital, her own consulting business and now spends her time creating and executing advertising strategies for a wide variety of clients. Leah has taught digital marketing workshops across Canada including at McGill University, Canadore College, PathYQR, Okanagan coLab, and Staples Studio.
Leah Mazur

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